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Menarche, Menstruation, Menopause and Mental Health (4M) Consortium

Project Summary

The Menarche, Menstruation, Menopause and Mental Health (4M) consortium was established using a 2021 GW4 Generator Award. 4M brings together researchers from different institutions and disciplines to: 1) work with external stakeholders to identify the most important research questions; 2) share interdisciplinary expertise to design and conduct research to address these questions. 4M have an external website here.

The Development Award will employ an RA to organise a year long online seminar series with speakers from 4M and guest speakers. The seminar series will be supported by an updated website, hosting seminar recordings and regular blogged content; by active engagement on social media, including Twitter and LinkedIn; and by a regular newsletter to community members. Stakeholder relationships will be developed by a seminar launch event. The activities will help raise the profile of the 4M community both in and outside academia, placing them in a strong position to initiate and enhance new collaborations, grow the network and secure further funding.

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter