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Diversity and Human Capital Workshop: Well-being

Taking place from 10-11th June 2024, at the University of Exeter Business School, Rennes Dr, Exeter EX4 4PU, the purpose of this workshop series is to promote discussion of ongoing research on the economics of diversity, inclusivity and human capital. The second in a series of workshops, this workshop will focus on well-being. The workshop will include keynote speakers, networking sessions, and a number of presentations.

Diversity and Human Capital Workshop (opens pdf document)

Diversity and Human Capital Workshop Agenda  (opens pdf document)

Registration and further information:

Register to attend via Google Forms. More details can be found by visiting the Community's events page.

Key contacts:

Javier García-Brazales (, Laura Muñoz-Blanco (, Sanchari Roy (, and Sonia Oreffice (

This workshop has been funded by the GW4 Building Communities Development Awards Funding.


University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter