Project period: February – May 2016 

This community later received Accelerator Funding for the project: GW4-BCR (Brain Cancer Research)

GW4 community leads 

University of Bath: Adele Murrell, Lorenzo Caggiano (joint PIs) 
University of Bristol: Paul Martin, Axel Walther   
Cardiff University: Matt Smalley 
University of Exeter: David Allard, Jackie Whatmore, Willie Hamilton 

Project overview

The GW4 Cancer Research Consortium aims to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration, by capitalising on the breadth of complementary expertise and high-impact cancer research across GW4. 



Translating cancer discoveries into cures is a major public health challenge worldwide and in the last two decades advances in diagnosis, treatment and care have led to longer survival times for a number of different cancers. As the ageing population continues to grow, cancer will only increase as a serious social and economic health challenge. Within the GW4 universities there is already substantial research effort into the environmental and lifestyles causes of cancer (Bath), the contribution of genetics (Bath, Bristol), biochemistry and cell biological processes (Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter) to the aetiology of a wide range of malignancies. There is also research into the prevention and pharmaceutical intervention in cancer (Exeter, Cardiff, Bristol and Bath). Thus, GW4Cancer will have internationally recognised expertise in the “bench-to-bedside” processes, including: cancer prevention, understanding its cellular and molecular causes, discovering and developing new therapeutic agents, imaging, diagnostics, clinical trials and the psychology of survivorship. 

Project summary 

The GW4Cancer community brought together internationally recognized cancer research expertise in the “bench-to-bedside” process; from prevention to understanding cellular and molecular processes, the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents through understanding cellular and molecular processes, to imaging, diagnostics, clinical trials for treatment and beyond, including the psychology of survivorship. 

The GW4Cancer also instigated the collaborative team behind GW4 Brain Cancer Research, an Accelerator Community. 

Community site (GW4 Portal)