GW4 Crucible Seed projects 2017

Scoping exercise: Identifying the key opportunities and challenges to the adoption of diagnostic point-of-care technology (POCT) in a healthcare setting


Project team

PI: Joanne Cranwell (University of Bath)

Co-Is: Hantao Liu (Cardiff University), Despina Moschou (University of Bath), and Fabio Parmeggiani (University of Bristol)

Project Details

The project involved conducting a series of scoping activities to explore the potential stakeholders involved in lab-on-chip (LOC) or point-of-care technologies (POCTs) designed to detect bio-markers for specific health conditions. The group organised a one-day early-career workshop on diagnostics for antimicrobial resistance in London. Furthermore, the team arranged and attended several meetings to engage stakeholders and possible collaborators.

The project team are planning to apply for further funding to develop their project further.