GW4 Crucible – Seed projects

Find out more about some of the collaborative projects that have emerged from previous GW4 Crucible programmes:

Crucible 2020 – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR):

Crucible 2019 – Digital Innovation:

Crucible 2018 – Resilience, Environment & Sustainability (active projects):

  • Community Resilience, Place and Wellbeing in Bristol: A Scoping Study PI: Esther Muddiman (Cardiff University), Co-Is: Marcus Gomez (University of Exeter), Julie Gwilliam (Cardiff University), Michelle Farr (University of Bristol), Rebecca Pearce (University of Exeter), Ria Poole (Cardiff University), Anna Rabinovich (University of Exeter), Malu Villela* (University of Bristol)
  • Development of Predictive Frameworks for Indoor Air Quality
    PI: Bryan Bzdek (University of Bristol), Co-Is: Dan Schien (University of Bristol), Manuel Herrera (University of Bath), Martin Weinel (Cardiff University), Yi Jin (Cardiff University), Jonathan Norman (University of Bath), Kelly Thornber (University of Exeter)
  • The Resilience Games
    PI: Meghan Alexander (Cardiff University) , Co-Is: Smith (University of Exeter), Adrian Healy (Cardiff University), Giorgia Giardina (University of Bath), Zhihua Zie (Cardiff University), Ludivine Petetin (Cardiff University), Ria Poole (Cardiff University)
  • Developing a multidisciplinary approach to address the problem of environmental antibiotic pollution surrounding aquaculture farms in Bangladesh PI: Kelly Thornber (University of Exeter), Co-Is: Hans-Wilhelm Nuetzmann (University of Bath), Rebecca Pearce (University of Exeter), Darrick Evensen (Cardiff University/ University of Edinburgh), Marcus Gomes (University of Exeter), Anna Rabinovich (University of Exeter), Ludivine Petetin (Cardiff University), Emma McKinley (Cardiff University), Helen Smith (University of Exeter), M. Moshiur Rahman * (Khulna University, Bangladesh)

Crucible 2017 – Healthy Living (completed projects):