GW4 Technical Staff Professional Registration Scheme

This scheme is part of our new GW4WARD initiative, designed to support the professional development of technical staff across the GW4 Alliance.

In line with GW4 universities’ commitment to the Technician Commitment, GW4 aims to support all technical staff to gain recognition through registration with professional bodies and learned societies. Professional registration provides public recognition for your knowledge and experience, demonstrates your fitness for leadership, and helps you develop the skills and experience needed to progress in your career.

To this end, we are inviting applications to our GW4 Technical Staff Professional Registration Scheme. Successful applicants will receive:

  1. Financial support by covering the first year of your membership fees.
  2. A point of contact to provide guidance on the successful submission of your professional registration application.

This scheme is open to GW4 technical staff at all levels and is a competitive process. Applications will be assessed by a panel of representatives from each of the four GW4 universities (membership available on request).

Apply now via the online Application Form 

Deadline for applications: Friday 14th May 2021, 17:00.

We expect to communicate outcomes at the end of May.


  • You must be employed as technical staff at a GW4 institution (University of Bath, University of Bristol, Cardiff University, or University of Exeter)
  • Your professional body should be selected from the list approved by HMRC*
  • All money should be spent by the end of July 2021, recognising that for some professional bodies subscription deadlines may extend beyond this period.

*Please note that for Cardiff University staff members we are only able to fund applications to Science Council affiliated bodies.

We strongly encourage you to consider the membership lifecycle of your professional body of choice, as some are annual (January to December), and as such it may be more appropriate to apply in our next funded round (anticipated Autumn 2021), to make sure you get the most out of your membership.

Please note: whilst GW4 will pay for the initial professional body membership, individuals will be required to cover their own registration fee if they decide to apply for accreditation and subsequent annual fees.

Who to contact

If you would like to discuss the professional registration process further, please get in touch with your institutional lead:
Bath: Kate Elliott (
Bristol: Allison McRitchie (
Cardiff: Ian Brewis (
Exeter: Steven Spaull (

If you have any questions, please contact the GW4 Talent and Skills team at