GW4 Technical Staff Professional Registration Scheme

This scheme is part of our new GW4WARD initiative, designed to enhance and drive forward the professional development of technical staff across the Alliance.

In line with GW4 universities’ commitment to the Technician Commitment, GW4 aims to support all technical staff to gain recognition, through enabling your membership to professional bodies and learned societies.

Once a member, professional registration will help you make the next steps in your career by providing public recognition for your knowledge and experience, demonstrating your fitness for leadership, and helping you to develop crucial skills and experience.

To do so, GW4 is currently inviting applications to its GW4 Technical Staff Professional Registration Scheme. As a successful applicant to this scheme, GW4 will provide you with:

  1. Financial support by covering the first year of your membership fees;
  2. Priority access to our GW4 webinar where you can learn about professional registration from those who have completed the process; and
  3. A point of contact to provide guidance on the submission of your professional registration application successfully.

If you would like to discuss the GW4 Technical Staff Professional Registration and how participation will help you make the next steps in your career, your local technical service representatives would be happy to discuss this with you.

If you are technical staff at a GW4 university and wish to apply for the GW4 Technical Staff Professional Registration Scheme, please complete this form.

Please note applications to this round are now closed.

Eligibility and further details

This bursary applies to technical staff at all levels of each institution and is a competitive process. Applications will be assessed by the GW4 Technical Infrastructure and Knowledge Working Group (membership available on request).

To be eligible, you will be employed as technical staff at the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff or Exeter. You will need to agree that all money will be spent by the end of July 2021, recognising that for some professional bodies subscription deadlines may extend beyond this period. You will also be required to have the support of your Line Manager/PI to release you to attend the networking event.

Please note: whilst GW4 will pay for the initial professional body membership, individuals will be required to pay to cover their own individual registration fee if they decided to apply for accreditation and subsequent annual fees. Additionally, to ensure that payment of membership dues does not incur a tax expense, GW4 will only be able to approve applications to professional bodies that are on the HRMC list of approved professional organisations and learned societies.

If you have any questions, please contact the GW4 Talent and Skills team at