May 5, 2021

This year’s GW4 Crucible focused on the theme of: TRANSITIONS TO NET ZERO IN THE TIME OF COVID-19. The GW4 Crucible offers the opportunity for future research leaders to come together to generate innovative, multifaceted responses to tackle this global challenge.

GW4 Crucible brings together 30 competitively selected future research leaders to explore how they can enhance their career by working with researchers in other disciplines, how their research can have greater impact, and how to build their careers. Over a series of three workshops, known as ‘labs’, they explore working in an interdisciplinary and collaborative way, hear from expert speakers, consider new approaches to their research and its impact and have the chance to enhance their leadership potential and career development.


From researcher to research leader – VISUAL REPRESENTATION

Who we are and what’s next – VISUAL REPRESENTATION


GW4 Crucible: Class of 2021 Group photo