GW4 Newsletter October 2019

October 31, 2019

Welcome to the GW4 Newsletter for October 2019: your regular digest of GW4 news, funding and development opportunities. To subscribe to the GW4 Newsletter click here.

Directors Update:

We officially celebrated our 5-year anniversary this month. Thank you to everyone who has contributed our our collaborative achievements to date, helped to celebrate our successes and share our exciting plans for the future. It was fantastic to see so many of our research communities, doctoral training programmes, world class facilities and partnerships showcased as part of our 5-year anniversary event. To date GW4 has invested over £4.6m in research, training and world class facilities. GW4’s total external grant income across our collaborative research communities and doctoral training programmes is over £123m. This means for every £1 spent, we’ve captured £27 in external income. As part of this, I am proud to say we have invested over £2.8m in 87 collaborative research communities, which are addressing major global and industrial challenges and have generated £37m in research income. We will continue to support our research communities and encourage new collaborations while also investing in our strategic research areas including Climate, Antimicrobial Resistance and Digital Innovation. Be sure to continue the celebrations on twitter #5yearsofGW4

In other news, the GW4 Crucible 2020 programme is now open for applications with the theme ‘interdisciplinary approaches to tackling antimicrobial resistance’ (AMR). If you are a GW4 researcher on cusp of independence with an interest in AMR, we encourage you to join us for this stimulating programme designed to foster leaders of the future.

There’s also still time to register for our GW4 3Rs Symposium, jointly hosted with the NC3Rs taking place at the University of Exeter in December.