Industrial Strategy response

November 27, 2017

The UK Government published the long-awaited Industrial Strategy White Paper on Monday 27 November.

The Great West’s world-leading universities and industry will benefit from additional spending on research and development – to 2.4% of GDP by 2027. The paper acknowledged the collective strength of the University of Exeter and the Met Office in environmental science and Cardiff University’s expertise in neuroscience. The Industrial Strategy also outlined how Local Industrial Strategies will be put in place, including a £115m ‘Strength in Places’ fund which builds on the evidence provided by the Science and Innovation Audits.

Dr Sarah Perkins, GW4 Director, commented: “We are pleased to see Science and Innovation Audits acknowledged as the building blocks of the proposed £115m ‘Strength in Places Fund’, drawing upon the considerable evidence of research and industry strengths outlined by the South West England and South East Wales SIA. Today’s Industrial Strategy White Paper confirms our region’s position as a UK leader in climate and environmental sciences, aerospace and neuroscience. Universities are key to the success of the Industrial Strategy, and we look forward to working with partners in business and local government to capitalise on these opportunities and ensure that the South West and Wales continues to deliver globally competitive research and innovation.”