To date (June 2021) the GW4 Alliance has invested over £3.1m in 112 collaborative research communities, which have generated nearly £50m in research income. This means that for every £1 GW4 spends on collaborative research communities, GW4 captures an impressive £16 in external research awards.

The GW4 Alliance has adopted the Russell Group Research Integrity Statement of cooperation in cross-institutional research misconduct allegations, which aims to support the efforts of researcher communities to foster research integrity (also known as good practice in research or the responsible conduct of research).

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GW4-BCR (Brain Cancer Research)


Project period: September 2018 – April 2019 

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Lorenzo Caggiano (PI) and Julien Licchesi
University of Bristol: Kathreena Kurian
Cardiff University: Chris Marshall & Stephen Paisey
University of Exeter: Jacqueline Whatmore 

Project overview
From Daffodils to Drugs – this community will be investigating synthetic analogues of compounds found in daffodil bulbs to treat brain tumours. 

Transformative history education: Learning from creative practices in Cambodia, Colombia and Iraq


Project period: September 2018 – April 2019 

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Lizzi Milligan & Peter Manning
University of Bristol: Julia Paulson (PI) 
Cardiff University: Kate Moles
University of Exeter: Catriona Pennell & Kelsey Shanks (now University of Ulster) 

Project overview
Working with partners in Cambodia, Colombia and Iraq, we explore creative practices that enable young people to learn about the violent past and contribute towards constructing a better future. 

Stratify and Treat – a new horizon for type 1 diabetes after 100 years

Initiator fund

Project period: February – June 2019

GW4 community leads
University of Bristol: Kathleen Gillespie, Alistair Williams, Anna Long 
Cardiff University: Danijela Tatovic, Colin Dayan, Susan Wong 
University of Exeter: Sarah Richardson (PI), Noel Morgan, Richard Oram, Angus Jones, Andrew Hattersley, Bev Shields, Tim McDonald

Project overview

The GW4 Type 1 Diabetes Centre of Excellence will reveal the causes of diabetes leading to improved patient stratification and tailored therapies

Recurrence analysis for the characterisation and classification of epileptic patients

Accelerator FUND

Project period: February – September 2019

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Tiago de Paula Peixoto
University of Bristol: Naoki Masuda (PI)
Cardiff University: Jiaxiang Zhang
University of Exeter: Lorenzo Livi

Project overview

We will consolidate the methodology based on “recurrence analysis” and apply it to data recorded from the brain of individuals affected by epilepsy. 

SHuSH! A research network on Suicide, Homicide, and Self-Harm in parent carers


Project period: March – July 2019 

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Katie Maras, Paul Stallard
University of Bristol: Becky Mars, Lucy Biddle, Paul Moran
Cardiff University: Thomas Slater
University of Exeter: Siobhan O’Dwyer, Astrid Janssens (Co-PIs) 

University of Warwick: Professor Richard Hastings 

Project overview 

SHuSH! is a network of researchers, carers, clinicians, and community organisations working together to develop and conduct world-leading research on suicide, homicide, and self-harm in parents caring for children with disabilities. The acronym SHuSH! reflects the silence that has, to-date, surrounded these issues in research, practice, and policy. Carers who are experiencing thoughts of suicide or homicide, are self-harming, or are otherwise in need of urgent support should contact The Samaritans on 116 123. 

Family component of school approaches to promoting mental health


Project period: February – June 2019 

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Janet Goodall
University of Bristol:  Judi Kidger
Cardiff University: Jeremy Segrott (PI) 
University of Exeter: Katrina Wyatt 

Project overview 

We will form an interdisciplinary collaboration to develop an intervention to strengthen the family component of a Health Promoting School approach in secondary schools. 

The GW4 PuP Community: Performance under Pressure Understanding Occupational Stress: Performance, Health, and Well-Being in High Pressure Environments


Project period: January – March 2018 

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Rachel Arnold (PI) 
University of Bristol:  Peter Turnbull
Cardiff University: Andy Smith
University of Exeter: Sam Vine 

Project overview 

The proposed community intends to deliver a step-change in research on occupational stress, by bringing together academic experts who can tackle the health, well-being, and productivity challenges in performance domains, produce world-leading, interdisciplinary research. 

Using realistic review methodology to investigate digital health interventions for managing long-term conditions


Project period: February – June 2019 

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Matthew Jones, Charlotte Dack
University of Bristol:  Sabrina Grant
Cardiff University: Judith Carrier (PI), Emma Lane, Valerie Sparkes, Roser BeneitoMontagut 

Project overview 

Digital health interventions to support people with long-term conditions, what works, for whom, in what circumstances?