GW4 Tools and Guidance

Collaboration is at the heart of GW4 and we encourage colleagues to connect across the Alliance and beyond.

GW4 provides a number of collaboration guides and partnership toolkits available on the GW4 Portal.

Collaboration in Isolation 

Top tips for collaborating online and resources to help while you work from home during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

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GW4 Guide to Research Collaboration

This guide will help you plan and manage your research collaboration. It contains advice and experiences from a range of academics from the GW4 Alliance and beyond. Based upon real experiences, this guide features the benefits, challenges and processes of collaboration.

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Communication for PGR Collaboration

Collaboration is essential for the success of most researchers. The boundaries of our disciplines, and where they intersect with other fields is where we can further our knowledge and make exciting discoveries. 

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GW4 Doctoral Training Entity (DTE) / GW4 PGR Partnerships Toolkit

The GW4 PGR Partnerships Toolkit is a collection of easy-to-use tools which will cover the lifespan of a DTE from proposal development through to funding end and final closure. These tools support the bidding, establishment and running of DTEs and will be of value to all DTE staff – directors, institutional leads, managers and administrators, as well as to faculty, school, and other professional services staff, supporting postgraduate research activities. The tools are designed to act as templates that can be adapted to local circumstances, and are based on the lessons learned from the full range of doctoral training programmes across the GW4 Alliance, incorporating best practice.

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