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Welcome to the GW4 newsletter for October 2022: your spinetingling update of GW4 news, funding and development opportunities. Have no fear - this month’s newsletter is full of treats, no tricks! To subscribe to the GW4 Newsletter click here.

Earlier this month, as part of the government’s net zero review, I attended an aviation themed roundtable discussion, hosted by Zero Avia at Cotswold Airport. It was interesting to hear from representatives from across the sector including from Chris Skidmore MP directly, who had visited the IAAPS research and innovation centre at the Bristol and Bath Science Park, earlier that morning, and discuss opportunities for sustainable fuel and hydrogen innovation.

Work continues to harness our research excellence, regional assets and world-class facilities to place our region and the UK at the forefront of global efforts to reach net zero. Following the launch of the UK’s first Hydrogen Ecosystem map for South West and South Wales, GW4 academics have researched current energy system demands across the Western Gateway area identifying gaps in infrastructure and funding, plus opportunities to be realised in order to reach net zero targets. You can read more about this report in the newsletter.

In other news, I’m delighted to announce GW4 has awarded funding to 18 Humanities and Social Sciences researchers from eight universities, as part of the British Academy Early Career Researcher Network (BA ECRN) South West Hub. Seed funding awards like these offer opportunities for building reputation and expertise, and importantly, developing a history of grant capture that enables career progression. I look forward to seeing how these projects develop and working with our nine university partners on this Hub, funding for which has recently been extended to March 2024.

We have a number of other exciting updates, so read on for more news, events and opportunities in this month’s newsletter.

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