The GW4 Alliance has invested over £2.9m in 93 collaborative research communities, which have generated over £46m in research income. This means that for every £1 GW4 spends on collaborative research communities, GW4 captures over £15 in external research awards.

The GW4 Alliance has adopted the Russell Group Research Integrity Statement of cooperation in cross-institutional research misconduct allegations, which aims to support the efforts of researcher communities to foster research integrity (also known as good practice in research or the responsible conduct of research).

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A biosocial approach to trauma research


Project period: July – November 2016

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Sarah Halligan (PI)
University of Bristol: Dr Abigail Fraser, Professor Stan Zammit
Cardiff University: Professor Stephanie Van Goozen
University of Exeter: Dr Anke Karl

Project overview

The GW4 group includes researchers from different disciplines and methodologies, but each with an interest in trauma related adverse outcomes. Exploration of the synergy in terms of unifying underlying processes, including through engagement of a broader set of GW4 academics, is a major goal of the proposed collaboration.

Addressing ‘Gender-based Violence’


Project period: May – July 2014

GW4 Community Leads
University of Bath: Tina Skinner
University of Bristol: Marianne Hester (PI)
Cardiff University: Amanda Robinson
University of Exeter: Anthony Musson

Project outcomes
This project has established a GW4 Gender Based Violence Network involving 30 members cross the disciplines of Social Policy, Social Medicine, Law, Geography, Social Work and Criminology. There is potential to lead to new areas of funded research and South-West Doctoral Training Centre (SWDTC) collaboration. Three key areas of interdisciplinary collaborative research across the GW4 GBV Network were developed.

Antimicrobial resistance


Project period: January 2017 – May 2017

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Dr Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern

University of Bristol: Dr Katy Turner
Cardiff University: Professor Timothy Walsh
University of Exeter: Dr William Gaze

Project overview


We are particularly interested in drawing on research strengths in GW4 partner universities in the area of antimicrobial resistance in environmental systems.

BeDMaSH Behavioural and Decision Making Sciences in Healthcare GW4 Network


Project period: September 2015 – January 2016

GW4 community leads

University of Bath: Dr Christos Vasilakis
University of Bristol: Professor Iain Gilchrist
Cardiff University: Professor Paul Harper
University of Exeter: 
Professor Martin Pitt

Project overview

This multidisciplinary network has the potential to be globally at the forefront of research developments in this emerging interdisciplinary field by harnessing the existing complementary, internationally recognized research within GW4. A step-change in scholarly activity is anticipated by bringing together expertise from across Operational Research, Decision Sciences, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, Implementation Science, Organisational Studies and Public Health.

Building a GW4 Clinical Academic Training Community


Project period: May to August 2015  

GW4 community leads

University of Bath: Stephen Ward
University of Bristol: Jeremy Tavaré (PI)
Cardiff University: Paul Morgan
University of Exeter: Angela Shore

Project overview

By creating a vibrant cohort of young talented clinical academics across GW4 we will significantly enhance our collective abilities to translate our basic biomedical and population health research into an impact on patient care. 

Child Injury Research Community (CIRC)


Project period: October 2014 – January 2015

GW4 community leads

University of Bristol: Alan Emond
Cardiff University: Alison Kemp, Michael Jones
University of Exeter: Philippe.G.Young

Project overview

  • New imaging modalities have been identified to inform engineering head form design
  • New prospects for tissue material properties have been identified
  • Methodological links with national cohort studies (ALSPAC)
  • Structures to underpin research programme design (Haddon matrix analytical framework)
  • Additional international collaborators have been identified in Rotterdam, Singapore
  • A future research agenda and direction
  • Baseline datasets were identified within the CHIRC institutions to potentiate more baseline analysis to inform research application
  • Group to apply for GW4 Accelerator funding

Children and Young People’s Suicide and Self-Harm Research Collaboration

Initiator and Accelerator Fund

Project period: October 2014 – January 2015 (Initiator) February – August 2016 (Accelerator)

GW4 community leads

University of Bath: Paul Stallard, Jeffery Gavin
University of Bristol: David Gunnell, Judi Kidger, Becky Mars, Lucy Biddle
Cardiff University: Rhiannon Evans, Jonathan Scourfield, Nina Jacob
University of Exeter: Tamsin Ford, Astrid Janssens

Project overview

This GW4 community aims to address this important public health issue through the development and evaluation of complex prevention and intervention approaches within educational settings. The collaboration specifically focuses on a key evidence gap, namely the dearth of effective programmes available to schools and their staff in supporting students at risk of self-harm.

Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM)


Project period: May – July 2014

GW4 community leads

University of Bath: Sally Adams
University of Bristol: Ian Penton-Voak
Cardiff University: Chris Chambers
University of Exeter:  Anna Adlam

Project overview

This project has established a GW4 CBM community that was able to share knowledge, understand existing links and the extent of complementary expertise.