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Climate Change Education Network & the 4M Consortium

Climate Change Education Network & the 4M Consortium

Hear from two Bristol University academics talk more about their GW4 research and innovation communities and how the GW4 Generator Fund benefited their research projects.

Professor Paul Howard-Jones (University of Bristol) PI of The Climate Change Education Research Network said: “The GW4 Generator funding gave us the opportunity to develop a network and actually talk to the users of the research. The network exploded at that point with hundreds of teachers involved in dialogue with us, which is something we just couldn’t have done without the support of GW4.”

Dr Kayleigh Easey, (University of Bristol), is involved in the research community GW4 Menstrual And Mental Health Research Community – since renamed the Menarche, Menstruation, Menopause & Mental Health (4M) Consortium. She said: “By bringing together researchers from different universities, different backgrounds, and enabling us to talk to different people, I think it massively improves any project looking to do collaborative research. It [The GW4 Generator Award]  really enabled us to come together and provide a platform to expand which is why our community has grown so much now and why we have so many people involved. We’ve put together four grant applications, one of which is close to £1 million and we’re still ongoing, we’re still building more ideas and more platforms that we can take this research further.”

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